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A little lyrics + a little philosophy

About me

Your clear task + my hard work = You get result

My services

Professional video shooting, creative editing and clips creation - all this I can offer you. For more than 12 years, my studio has been offering the fullest range of video services (commercial, weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, music videos and much more) both in Latvia and abroad.

  • marketing Video editing

    Grow your sales with our help

    Custom Video Productions for Marketing Marketing videos are a direct representation of your brand personality, influencing your reputation in the business world. Through video, you can quickly establish credibility and trust with potential clients, allowing you to demonstrate your product and service

  • web video editing

    declare yourself with us

    As people increasingly turn to the web for news and entertainment, businesses struggle to grab the attention of new clients, creating a prime space for rich media advertisement. Victors Video clients are capitalizing on this growing demand for web commercials with online video content that increases search engine visibility and enhances their brand presence on the internet.

  • training video production

    take your expertise to your audience

    Victors Video specializes in the production of educational, training, and instructional videos. Training videos allow you to take your expertise to your audience in a cost effective and engaging manner. These can include product demonstrations, staff training videos and instructions


Some of my projects

  • promo, commercial, drone shooting, real estate presentations & other

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Creativity is a given.

We compel your audience to act.

Our process for effective promotional video


Basic stages of work

Set clear objectives & define success... Research audience & market... Decide core messages... Develop creative idea & story... Script & storyboard... Film, animate & edit... Measure success...



SET CLEAR OBJECTIVES & DEFINY SUCESS... We work with you on specific & achievable video objectives. This makes measuring your success simple and gives the project clear direction. RESEARCH AUDIENCE & MARKET... Good research is vital to any video project. We support your existing data with analysis into your target audience and what they care about. DECIDE CORE MESSAGES Together we construct a core message to drive action towards your goals that's in line with your brand and engaging for your audience. DEVELOP CREATIVE IDEA & STORY... Using a blend of imagination and insight, we develop a creative concept for your video. Once the idea is fleshed out we build the narrative. SCRIPT & STORYBOARD... Next we write a video script that incorporates your message and story. We also help you visualise the finished piece through a storyboard. FILM, ANIMATE & EDIT... The production team handles filming. After that comes editing and animation work, where your story and creative idea are brought to life. MEASURE SUCESS... Once you're completely happy, it's time to distribute your video content. And we report on its success based on your original objectives. We draw your target audience in with promotional video they find interesting and useful. That captivates, connects emotionally, then gets across your core messages. That compels them to take meaningful action.


why me?

Whether you want to be seen by the world or an intimate audience, I'm expert at using video to get your brand noticed. Take a look at my latest work above to get the ideas flowing.

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